Wish Pearl Copyright Statement

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Wish Pearl is created by Lucoral Co., Ltd. Lucoral owns the worldwide patent on the product. It is important to beware that Lucoral Co. will seriously protect its legal rights and will litigate all companies buying illegal copies.

Wish pearls from other companies are illegal products with very low quality. Imitation Wish Pearls can cause serious injury. Lucoral guarantees the quality of its products.

Lucoral Wish Pearl quality control includes but is not limited to:

Product liability insurance which covers several million dollars.

Preservative water in the oyster can contains methanol, ethanol, and other ingredients which are subject to strict control in North America because it is potentially fatal if people mistakenly consume it.

Necklace and pendants pass through a third-party Safety Inspection to make sure the lead content is not too high. Otherwise it can cause injury to children.

Some of the ingredients of preservative water in the oyster can are flammable and could cause fire in shipping if not handled correctly.

Lucoral Wish Pearl – 大东山希望珍珠是唯一在全球拥有商标和专利权的品牌产品。其它任何公司的Wish Pearl产品全部为仿冒。大东山珊瑚珠宝公司正在与中国驻美领馆交涉,向中国商标局追溯Wish商标在中国大陆地区的所有权。