Topaz 拓帕石 / 黄玉

宝玉石介绍 Gemstone Introduction

Deposit sites: Brazil, Nigeria, Burma, Mexico, Namibia, Pakistan, Japan, Sri Lanka, Europe, Russia, Australia U.S.A.

Variety/Species: Topaz

Hardness: 8

Zodiacal sign: Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo

Color scheme: Colorless, yellow, orange, brow pink to red to purple-red, light t dark blue, light green.

Gemstone of the month: November, Blue Top 4th Wedding Anniversary; 4th Weeding Anniversary; Imperial Topaz:  23rd Wedding Anniversary

Topaz is a comparatively heavy and hard mineral surpassed in hardness only by diamond, corundum and chrysoberyl. Because of its hardness and luster topaz makes an excellent jewelry stone.

It is impervious to acid, and when rubbed, becomes electrified and capable of attracting small scraps of paper. Topaz comes in a variety of color: colorless, yellow, reddish brown, blue, pink, and green. The Greeks believed topaz would make it wearer beloved and safe .