Sugilite 舒俱来石 / 苏姬石

珠宝与人 Gemstone & People

key words Dreams, spiritual protection and         purification, becoming a ‘beacon of Light’
element Wind
chakras Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th),             Transpersonal and Etheric (8th through 14th)

Sugilite is a rare potassium sodium lithium iron manganese aluminum silicate mineral with a hardness of 6 to 6.5. Its form is usually massive, although rarely it forms in tiny prismatic crystals. The mineral was named after Japanese geologist Ken-ichi Sugi, who discovered the first specimens in 1944. The color ranges from pale lilac to deep purple. A magenta-purple shade is considered most precious, especially in the translucent form known as ‘gel.’ Although Sugilite has been found in Japan and Canada, almost all Sugilite on the market comes from very deep manganese mines in South Africa.

robert simmons  Sugilite is one of the premier stones for this age, because of its num-erous beneficial properties. Among them are protection from negative influences in one’s environment, the enhancement of one’s ability to ground spiritual energies, the awakening of the crown chakra, the emanation of the pure Violet Ray of purification and a strong influence for healing.
The protective aspects of Sugilite are exceptional. Carrying or wearing a piece of Sugilite sets up a sort of ‘shield of light’ around the wearer, making one impervious to the disharmony of others. This sort of protection is especially important for gentle souls who tend to take on whatever energies are around them.
Sugilite is perhaps the most powerful stone for calling in the Violet Flame of purification. This energy can be of immeasurable benefit for those on the spiritual path, for it tends to burn away the ‘gray spots’ in the auric field, removing negative attachments and karmic influences. Sugilite’s Violet Flame energy makes it impossible for parasitic entities from the astral plane to remain in one’s auric field. When one begins to wear or carry Sugilite, an energetic cleansing process is initiated. Toxic influences from one’s inner and outer environment are dislodged and dispelled. This process can also greatly speed up one’s inner development and help one to be a spiritual beacon in the world.
In regard to being a spiritual beacon, it must be mentioned that Sugilite works to stimulate and open the crown chakra at the top of the head. This opening is not for purposes of escape into the higher-vibrational realms. Rather, it is for grounding the Light on Earth through one’s own being. Many have incarnated here as volunteers for helping the Earth and all its entities move to the next higher vibrational octave, within which a certain level of what is called ‘enlightenment’ will be attained by all. Sugilite helps one to remember and achieve this essential calling, and its effect upon the crown chakra manifests a key aspect of how the self must open and transform in order to be a conduit for spiritual Light to enter this plane.
Sugilite is also a stone of the realm of dreams. When one meditates or dreams with this stone, the depth of inner experience can increase greatly, and the imagery one receives can be laden with significance and symbolic meaning. The key to the soul’s yearning is revealed in one’s deep dreaming, and understanding the images which arise can put one on the path to communion with the soul and harmonious accord with one’s soul purpose.
Sugilite works exceptionally well with the transformational energies of Moldavite. Phen-acite, Natrolite, Herderite, Brookite and Scolecite all assist in intensifying the visionary component of Sugilite’s energies. Hematite can be of use in emphasizing the grounding of Light in the physical world. Amethyst increases the effect of Sugilite’s ‘aura of protection.’

Naisha Ahsian Sugilite is a powerful stone for opening the third-eye, crown and etheric chakras. It activates inner vision and opens the doorway to one’s innermost motivations, thoughts and beliefs. Sugilite is the stone of dreams. It assists one in remembering one’s night dreams and in practicing lucid dreaming. It also helps one remember the dreams one has had for one’s life and has somehow put aside in favor of what one believed was possible to achieve. It helps one recover the dream one’s soul has desired for this lifetime—and in remembering those dreams, it lends one the courage and optimism to pursue them.
Sugilite activates the heart and mind, assisting one in finding one’s true spiritual passion and following that passion to abundance and wholeness.
Sugilite can manifest in colors ranging from bright purple to almost black. The brighter and more vibrant colors tend to open and activate the upper chakras and allow one to connect with one’s dreams. The darker colored material assists one in grounding these dreams into reality and maintaining one’s fortitude in pursuit of one’s dreams.
spiritual Sugilite helps one believe in life’s possibilities. It helps one envision something other than what is currently being experienced, offering hope and optimism for a better future. Sugilite can aid in repelling negativity and in filling one’s aura with high-frequency Light.
emotional Sugilite helps one overcome hopelessness, overwhelm and the feeling of having no options in one’s life. It reminds one that one can achieve anything one can dream and lends one the strength and courage to  manifest those dreams. It is ideal for those who tend to fall into negative thinking or who lack confidence in their abilities.
physical Sugilite is useful in countering nightmares, insomnia and other sleep imbalances. It offers peace of mind and can assist in calming the nerves and releasing worries.
affirmation I am safe and protected within my own ‘bubble of Light,’ and I work to bring to reality my deepest dreams, as well as the collective dream of a planet of Light.