Ruby 红宝石

宝玉石介绍 Gemstone Introduction

Deposit sites: Thailand, Burma, Kampuchea, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Afghanistan, India. Pakistan, and Tanzania.

Group: Corundum

Hardness: 9

Zodiacal sign: Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer.

Color scheme: Orange red to purplish red, brownish red.

Gemstone of the month: July, 15th and 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Supposedly imbued with eternal fire and great powers, rubies (Latin, “Rubeus,” red) were often crafted into charms and talismans, and were highly’ prized by royalty. Throughout history, because of its rarity and mystical beauty, the ruby was aptly called the “king of precious stones”.

Throughout recorded history the ruby has been a source of interest and literary metaphor. In India the Sanskrit word for ruby is “Ratnanavaka” or “Lord of the Precious Stones.” There is mention of the ruby in the Bible in Proverbs, and in 1574, Jean de la Taille, a French lapidary said the ruby strengthens memory and brings joy.