Pearl Value 珍珠的价值

珠宝与人 Gemstone & People

Any pearl, once a hole has been made, ceases to have value.  God gave us pearl, and only a non-ethical person would drill a hole in a pearl.  The pearl is a product of clean water and a healthy environment in which the oyster can flourish and grow.  Pearls are like children, they need to grow in a healthy environment.  Pearls have natural colors such as white, cream, gold, pink and lavender.  Any other pearl whose color is not natural loses its value.  The Wish Pearl is a natural pearl whereas the inner cores of the nuclei of many grade A cultured pearls consists up to 90% shell.

The Wish Pearl is a cultured pearl that takes a minimum of 3 to 5 years to develop with a mollusk.  As the Wish Pearl reaches its final maturity of 1 to 3 millimeters, the original irritant naturally disappears leaving only the pearl itself.  The pearl is a gift of nature and pearls come in all shapes, sizes and colors, just like people.  Like the Wish turtle, all are equal.  God loves you because you are like his pearls, natural and reflections of his love.  You are of all size, shapes, and colors and all are equal in his eyes.  The value of the pearl is created when a person gives the Wish Pearl to someone.  The feeling that exists in the heart of the giver and the feeling that is generated in response by the person who receives the gift, is the value of the pearl.  It is this interplay of feelings that creates the treasure.  The value of the pearl grows as the circle of love grows.  Families, community, charities that you help, all increase the value of your pearl.

Some other natural materials are mined and in the process create terrible air, land, and water pollution.  The wish pearl is the opposite of this.  They promote clean air, clean water and a healthy environment.  At the same time, the human population is growing and will continue to grow.  The amount of clean air, water, and land is unfortunately decreasing.  The ability to maintain the clean environment for pearls and people needs our best efforts, or else the Pearl will become scarcer and more valuable as our clean environment gets smaller.

True Wish Pearls will become harder to obtain, making them more valuable by that scarcity.  The Wish Pearl can be an instrument to create value, it is like using a new currency, one that has no boundaries as the circle of love grows from families to larger and larger communities, and it becomes a currency of its own, for World Peace.  Use the wish pearl, to raise funds to help your charity, to work for a cleaner environment, and encourage others to improve their lives as well.