Gemstone Identification 宝石的来历

珠宝与人 Gemstone & People

Amber: Amber is fossilized resin from ancient trees that lived 10 and 100     million years ago.

Believed to provide healing calming mental effect; enhances the meditative state, creates pure thoughts, and gives spiritual insight and realization of higher values.

Precious Coral:
Because of its value and rareness, the ancient Romans named it “Red Gold”, it occurs in a variety of colors — white, pink, dark pink, orange (salmon red or momo red), ox-blood red, golden and black. Precious coral is an auspicious gem; it stands for good luck, good health and good wealth.

Rock Crystal:
The word “crystal” is derived from the Greek word kryos meaning “icy cold.” For centuries it was thought that the rock crystal was ice that had frozen so hard it would never thaw.

Garnet: The name is derived from a Latin word for grain because of the rounded crystals.

The origin of its name is Latin for mirror. It is commonly called the “Black Diamond” in Alaska.

Brings peace and a calm, stabilizing, effect on the body. Jade also stands for courage and brings clarity and tranquility of the mind. Also represents love.

Lapis Lazuli: A deep blue stone that can contain traces of pyrite, calcite and sometimes gold. In Ancient Egypt, it was valued on a level equal to that of gold.

Malachite: Actually a form of copper, it was historically believed to be a potent stone of protection, enhancing visionary abilities while stimulating personal power.

The pearl is to the gems as the moon is to the sun. It is the Queen of modesty and purity.

Rose Quartz: Believed to bring relaxation, inner peace and tranquility. Gives the wearer the ability to give and receive love. Deals with all matters of love and affection.

Turquoise: Was thought to emit strong protective energy, especially if given by an affectionate friend, was also believed to bring happiness and good fortune .