Emerald 祖母绿

宝玉石介绍 Gemstone Introduction

Deposit sites: Colombia, Brazil, Rhodesia, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania,India, Pakistan, Australia, U.S.A. Russia, Afghanistan, and Zimbabwe

Variety/Species: Beryl

Hardness: 7.5 ~ 8

Zodiacal sign: Cancer, Sagittarius

Color scheme: Transparent, light to very dark green to very strongly bluish green.

Gemstone of the month: May, 20th & 35th Wedding Anniversary

The source of such passionate pursuit, the emerald, is a rare variety of beryl which, when in its pure state, is colorless. The deep green color for which emeralds are so famous comes from traces their inclusions (foreign crystals, liquid or gas bubbles, or cracks imprisoned within the stone). Jardin or garden in the name give these inclusions which are not considered faults. Rather, they signify the stone’s genuine character.

Because the emerald is relatively soft a special step cut, the emerald cut, was devised in order to avoid destroying the gem.

The emerald has often been used as a healing stone, particularly for intestinal disorders. Until the 18th Century, powdered emeralds were sold in chemist’s shops as medication.