Azeztulite 阿賽斯特萊石

珠宝与人 Gemstone & People

key words Inner Light, alternate realities, joy and serenity
element Storm
chakras All (including the etheric  chakras above the body)

Azeztulite has one of the most unusual stories of any stone in this book. Chemically it is a variety of Quartz with a hexagonal (trigonal) crystal system and a hardness of 7. If it were not for its exceptional energies, probably no one would be interested in these rather nondescript stones. They are colorless, white, or a mixture of the two, and their shapes are irregular. The original and most powerful Azeztulite came from a single find in North Carolina around 1970, and over thirty years later a second deposit was uncovered in Vermont. The Vermont Azeztulite is generally considered to have smoother, less intense energies, though both stones vibrate in the same range of frequencies.

There is no way to explain Azeztulite without telling a personal story. Azeztulite emerged and came into the world of crystal lovers through a series of inner communications and synchronicities which began in 1991. They concern myself (Robert Simmons), my wife Kathy Warner and my friend and co-author Naisha Ahsian. Though telling such stories is not a part of the general format of this book, we all agreed upon making this exception.
Late in 1991, Kathy and I received a tele-phone call from three women who were working together in channeling. The person doing the primary work was Naisha Ahsian, who later came to work for us and created the Crystal Ally Cards. At that time we did not know her well, but when she called she told us that she and the other women wanted to commission a special piece of jewelry. It was to contain five powerful stones—Moldavite, Tanzanite, Danburite, Phenacite and Azeztulite. We were excited about making the piece but had to tell her we had never heard of Azeztulite. She answered that the beings who were communicating with her said that if our company, Heaven and Earth, did not yet have the stone, we would soon. She went on to say that the term Azeztulite was a channeled name, that the beings themselves were called the Azez, and that the stone would become a very important tool for Lightworkers. We were told that the new stone would be colorless and oddly shaped, not like the prismatic crystals of Quartz and other minerals with which we were familiar. After much searching and investigation by all of us, which turned up nothing, a box of colorless, oddly shaped stones arrived in the mail from
a total stranger, a rock hound who thought they were Phenacite. When Naisha and her friends inspected the box they said, “This is not Phenacite—it’s the Azeztulite. Buy it!” And that
is how we began our work with it. Shortly after we received the first batch, Naisha sent us a letter which included information on Azeztulite and the Azez, including transcripts from her channeling:
“The beings with whom I am communicating are part of a society of interdimensional, extraterrestrial beings, and they have said we may call them the Azez. From what I understand, their reason for being centers around anchoring the ‘Nameless Light’ onto planets and into societies coming under the influence of that energy. The word ‘Azez’ seems to mean both Nameless Light and the embodiment of that Light in the universe, which is the Great Central Sun. The stone Azeztulite is not only for communication with the Azez, but it also holds and channels the energy of the ‘Nameless Light and its manifestation from the Great Central Sun. These beings have bases all over the world at energy centers which are known and unknown to us, including the Andes, the Himalayas, the Adirondacks and other mountain ranges.
“I’m not sure if channeling is the correct term for how I communicate with them. It is much more of a direct telepathic link.”
Next came a transcript of the words she received from the Azez: “Interdimensional travel involves ‘pulses’ or energy in the universe. These pulses act as bridges for dimensional travel. When we travel through many dimensions, the energy pulses cause disruptions—making it difficult for us to communicate with other bases in other dimensions and on other planets. Here enters the stone Azeztulite. It is used by us in creating channels for our communications with other bases. On each base or planet we inhabit we have chosen a stone to be the anchor for these channels.
“After some manipulation and alteration, we engineered the stone Azeztulite. It has the capacity to handle the intense energies being carried by it. Until recently, we did not have the technology to engineer a vessel to contain this energy frequency. Azeztulite is that vessel. In our culture, ‘Azez’ is the term for that which is the ‘Nameless Light,’ the embodiment of which is the Great Central Sun. Please understand the implications of what we are explaining. This stone is the embodiment of the Azez and carries with it the manifest energy of the Great Central Sun. This is a powerful stone. This stone heralds in many changes!
“This stone will enable those of you who are telepathic ‘windows’ and dimensional engi-neers to begin to reclaim the knowledge of these practices from your genetic memory banks. We will now begin to make ourselves known more fully to those beings to aid in this awakening and transformation.
“Disease on your planet is the result of certain frequencies of light. You block cellularly these light waves through thought-form shields and contracting emotional patterns. Your cellular consciousnesses are therefore unable to properly learn and expand, resulting in disease. Azeztulite carries energies and frequencies of Light that help release the shields and blocks, healing disease and aiding in cellular rejuvenation and expansion. Likewise, its activation at certain points on your planet will aid in healing the total organism of Gaia.”
Since that time we have seen hundreds, even thousands of people connect with Azeztulite. At trade shows, we have told the story of its discovery over and over again, yet each telling brings goose bumps of excitement. We have seen people experience such profound contact and recognition that they were in tears. It remains the stone which seems to carry the most rarefied of vibrations. It fascinates us to observe that some people feel it as extremely powerful while others notice nothing when they hold it. A few dozen people have purchased entire necklaces of Azeztulite nuggets, and we have felt each time that the necklaces were talismans of initiation which the owner was meant to use to awaken others as well as themselves.
Since its discovery, we have found that, chemically speaking, Azeztulite is a Quartz, found in a mountain area of North Carolina. To our knowledge, very little of it has been mined. This deepens the mystery of these stones, for energetically sensitive people agree almost universally that the vibrations of Azeztulite are nothing like those of ordinary Quartz. Personally, when we handle Azeztulite, we instantly feel an unmistakable tingling sensation in the hands, which can quickly spread over the whole body. Regular Quartz doesn’t do this to us!
Naisha offers her latest insights:  Azeztulite speaks to us of alternate realities. As humans, we inhabit a very narrow range of reality. It is as though we walk this Earth with blinders on, never seeing the incredible depth and beauty of all the levels of reality that surround us. Azeztulite was sent as an ally to aid us in connecting with the other realms around us, enabling us to open to the true scope of perception of which we are capable.
The coming Age of Light is about opening ourselves to these other more expanded levels of reality. It is about reconnecting with the Source of energy that exists beyond us all and is embodied in the Great Central Sun. Azeztulite carries this energy, and when we resonate with it, it shares this broadened perspective with us. From this connection we will gain a greater wisdom and understanding of the beings that we truly are—beings of Light.

Azeztulite’s New Level of Activation Years after Azeztulite’s arrival, new information came through the spirit guide Radha: “A gate or veil has recently been opened, regarding the energies of Azeztulite. There has been an intensification of the vibrations emanating from these stones. A group of higher beings foretold this quickening in a past message: ‘The stones called Azeztulite are on the brink of activation to a higher level of functioning. As the vibrations of your planet are gradually increased, there will be a transition point at which a kind of quantum leap will occur. Azeztulite, because of its interdimensional qualities, is already in contact with the vibrational state beyond this quantum leap. As the planet moves closer to this transition, the Azeztulite will emanate more and more of the energies of the coming new higher state. People who wear or carry Azeztulite are likely to achieve the higher state more rapidly and easily than they might otherwise, and they will help others make the transition. The time for which Azeztulite was primarily engineered is fast approaching, and those meant to work with it will be powerfully drawn to it.
“Humanity has moved from the womb into the birth canal. This is the time of greatest potential and greatest peril. It behooves all who are aware to redouble their efforts to ground Light on this planet so that the transformation may be successful. Do not let appearances push you into fear. Ground the Light, and use this tool, the little stone Azeztulite, to enhance your connection with the Light being sent to you now.’”
In any case, Azeztulite is a stone which is clearly attuned to the higher vibrational domains. It fills one’s energy body with spiritual Light, and it allows one to be a beacon of that Light in this world. It appears never to need cleansing, and it always radiates a pleasant feeling of joy and confident serenity which seems invulnerable to the turbulence of daily life. It can make one feel like a window through which Light passes from the higher realms.
Affirmation I open myself to the frequency of the Nameless Light, and I am willing to be a vehicle through which this energy can spread throughout the world.