Dear Friend, JewelryInstituteOfAmerica.com(美国珠宝学院.com) is welcoming you to join! Through our joint efforts, by 2016, JewelryInstituteOfAmerica.com is going to have 500 authoritative gemstone experts, 10,000 of the world’s most important jewelry business owners, and 100,000,000 jewelry and gemstone enthusiasts as our principles, honorary chairs, board of directors advisers and members.

JewelryInstituteofAmerica.com believes that all must give back to the people of the earth to say “Thank You” for their treasures. In respect and appreciation of the people who live in the lands where these treasures are from and the people of labor to collect the raw materials and make them into beautiful products, our vision at JewelryInstituteofAmerica.com is to give back a portion of our profit to them. We also support young designers and institutions to help promote our cause.

Please send us your ideas and join us to make this happen.

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